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Welcome to AVID



Seniors!  You are going to start planning for college.  I realize a few of you are going to stay at home for the first two years, however, you will eventually leave home when you transfer.  For those of you NOT going away next year, you will be teamed up with those who are.


1.  ON YOUR OWN, make a list of ALL the things you think one would need to bring to college.  Include clothing (all of it? just specific items?), bathroom supplies, cleaning supplies, make up, etc.  DO NOT just list "bathroom supplies" - be specific!  This should be an exhaustive list.


2.  AFTER YOU DO THIS ON YOUR OWN, you will get into your groups.  I will provide you with your groups.  As a group, compare lists.  Make one master list for your group.



*you will all assume you are going away to college.  If you are not, you are likely to transfer after two years at DVC and will need this info anyways.  

To see your groups, look at the group document attached.


FIRST as a group, you need to read over the requirements for your group project.  Go to Dorm Shopping Project (attached).  Ignore the parts that say turn assignment into Google Classroom.


SECOND, look over (together) the What to Bring sheet.  Print one copy out for your group and as you go over it, add any notes.


FINALLYaccess the sheet that is title College Dorm Costs.  You can edit this sheet to fit your needs - add what needs to be added and delete anything that does not apply.  THIS MEANS AS A GROUP  you need to work together and compromise. 


Remember, dorm rooms are small.  Usually you are provided with a bed (and mattress), a dresser and possibly a desk.  I you know what school you will attend, check out the dimensions of their rooms and what is provided.  Below there is a link to the dorm dimensions at UC Davis.



As a group you must tally your costs.  YOU HAVE TO SHOW PROOF.   You have to go online shopping and print out pictures with totals.  I would shop thoughtfully and not just throw everything in a Target cart b/c it is "easier" to go to one website.  You need to get really good at finding the best deals as you will soon be a broke college student!  Feel free to copy and paste pictures onto a document to save paper.  


This is an on-going project so you will obviously not finish today.  




Sophomores and Juniors - you will be researching scholarships.  You must find FIVE scholarships for which you could apply as a senior.  DO NOT choose random scholarships that are not relevant to you and your experiences.  


Group Project  Due Friday, 4/13


Your group has to create a "company" or "beneficiary group."  Who are you?  Why are you offering this scholarship?  What subset of students are you trying to help and why?  Will it be based on need?  merit?  service?  leadership?  You need to make some decisions.


You MAY NOT just copy an already existing scholarship.  Your group has to create a unique scholarship and the application for the scholarship.  If you are awarding money, what details will you look for?  Your application must be tailored to your specific scholarship.  You cannot just download a random scholarship template - yes, look at others but do not copy.


Scholarship Research (on own):  Due on Thursday, 3/29 (zero period), Wednesday 3/28 (first period)


I will keep these papers in a portfolio for you!  Do this well now to save yourself time later.


You need to download two documents.  The instructions and the scholarship chart.  PRINT the scholarship chart while in the computer lab.



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AVID grad cap.png
AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) is a four-year, elective class offered to students who would like to prepare for entrance into a four-year university. The curriculum features writing, inquiry, collaboration, reading, note-taking, study skills and college/career activities. College students are in the classroom as tutors three times a week and field trips are taken to universities. Students must commit to taking notes in classes on a daily basis. Criteria taken into consideration for all applicants include: GPA, interview, citizenship, attendance, state test scores, and recommendations.  

AVID Applications for Middle School Students

AVID Applications for middle school students are due with course cards If you have any questions, please email Ms. Thomas, CP AVID Coordinator, at


Please CLICK HERE to view the AVID application packet for 2016-2017.  

Teacher, AVID Coordinator

What is AVID?

  • Targets students who would be the first in their family to graduate from a university.
  • Targets students that are capable of completing a college prep path.
  • Prepares students for college eligibility and success and schedules them into an in-school academic success class
  • Places motivated students in advanced classes and provides support with tutoring.
  • Stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.


What AVID isn't...

  • A remedial program.
  • An easy "A"
  • for unmotivated students
  • for failing students