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Algebra 1 Textbook


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Your teacher may be piloting from two additional textbooks.

Kendall Hunt - Discovering Algebra

Big Ideas Math - Algebra 1


Interacting with Mathematics

Would you like to explore, talk to mathematicians, join discussion boards, or solve challenging problems with people from all over the world? Check out these websites:

Ask Dr. Math -

The Math Forum @ Drexel University


NRICH Mathematics -

University of Cambridge


Youcubed -

Stanford University

Algebra I

List of Concepts Taught in Algebra I

Every mathematics textbook and website is organized in a different manner. However, each contains the same concepts. Use your class notes and textbook to help you determine the concept you are currently studying. 

You can use the terms below to help you search for Algebra I concepts:

Properties of Numbers How numbers relate, combine, and behave with other numbers.

  • Integers - Add, subtract, multiply, divide
  • Fractions - Add, subtract, multiply, divide
  • Exponents – whole number, negative, and fractional
  • Scientific notation – convert numbers from standard to scientific and vice versa
  • Scientific notation – Multiplying and dividing
  • Radicals – estimating, simplifying, rationalizing the denominator
  • Radicals – add, subtract, multiply, divide
  • Polynomials – adding and subtracting (combine like terms)
  • Polynomials – multiplying (using distributive property) and dividing

Symbol manipulation Understanding reasons and developing efficient procedures for determining unknown quantities in an algebraic equation.

  • Solving linear equations
  • Solving quadratic equations by factoring, completing the square, grouping, and quadratic equation 
  • Solving exponential equations
  • Solving radical equations
  • Solving systems of equations
  • Solving linear inequalities
  • Solving equations for a variable

Graphical Representation How equations can represent a picture and vice versa. How changes in the equation affect the accompanying picture.

  • Understanding slope of a line
  • Linear equations in slope-intercept, standard, or point-slope form
  • Writing equation of line from two points, point and slope, or point and parallel/perpendicular slope
  • Writing linear equation from graphed line
  • Graph linear, quadratic, exponential, and radical equations

Algebra I Online Review and Practice

Every person learns differently. Use the terms above to search the websites listed in this table and find which website or websites help you the most. If you don't understand an explanation from one website, check a few more. There are many ways to understand and learn math. Your job as a lifelong learner is to find the methods that work best for you. (All websites are free unless otherwise stated.)




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