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School Administrators
Administrator Roles and Responsibilities

Each administrator has a specific set of responsibilities. Please contact the appropriate administrator if you have a question about a particular area.

School Administrators & Counselors

Principal Joe Alvarez  x3200
Vice Principal         Gary Jensen x3204
Vice Principal       Vicki Wilson x3211
Vice Principal         Jen Mahmood x3212
Dean of Students Liz Connaughton x3215
Counselor Lorena Soto x3229
Counselor Tamara Prosise x3208
Counselor Rebecca Woo x3221
Counselor Araceli Orozco x3203  
College and Career Adviser Open    

Administrative Support for Students

Every student, by their last name, is assigned to both a Vice Principal and a School Counselor to assist them with their needs as outlined below.

School Counselors (5)

Students with Last Names Vice Principals (3) Students with Last Names
Araceli Orozco A - F Gary Jensen A - G
Lorena Soto G - Liu + ELD Students Vicki Wilson H - O
Tamara Prosise Lo - R Jen Mahmood P - Z
Rebecca Woo S - Z + AVID Students