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About ASB Leadership

College Park High School’s ASB is a one-year course though many students take it for all four years.  The primary responsibilities of the class officers and student representatives include communicating with the Student Body and representing the Student Body, as well as the planning and production of all-school activities. In the process, we seek to promote citizenship, scholarship, leadership, and human relations. While organizing and promoting various events is the main focus of the class, you will be expected to complete some specific academic assignments as well.

Our goal is to promote student engagement in the CPHS community.  We strive to offer a variety of events/activities with the hope that every student will have found something that appeals to him or her personally. To do this, we work hard to identify and meet the needs of the students we serve.  At the same time, we need to balance sensitivity to the wishes of our students with our responsibility to the school and community. There will probably be times when we have to do what we feel is the right thing despite the social consequences--standing for the hard right versus the easy wrong.

All students in ASB serve on committees, both year-round and seasonal.  These committees are responsible for planning our major events as well as maintaining an engaging and positive school environment year-round.  Ms. Thomas, the ASB Advisor's role is to help the Leadership students avoid organizational, logistic, and legal problems and to serve as your advocate to the staff and other groups. I should not, cannot, and will not be the one responsible for the project or activity; I am here to facilitate your doing that and to hold you accountable for your role as Officer. Leadership is A-G approved and students receive the "G" elective credit and the expectations are therefore high.

Anyone interested in Leadership should apply in the spring; once all applications are received, students will be interviewed by class officers.  Students may run for class office or serve as a class representative.  If a student loses his/her election, he/she can still take the class.  Please note, Leadership class is always 4th period and students must fit it into their schedule to participate.  For any student wishing to get involved but cannot take the class, please consider joining StuCo (student council).

Please contact Ms. Hatch with questions.