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8/13/14 3:38 PM

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Geometry 2017-18

Geometry Content and General Timeline


Semester 1 Semester 2

Quarter 1

Unit 1: Basic Terms and Constructions

Unit 2: Reasoning logic, writing a proof

Unit 3: Parallel Lines and Angles

Quarter 2

Unit 4: Transformations

Unit 5: Triangles

Quarter 3

Unit 6: Polygons and Special Quadrilaterals

Unit 7: Similarity

Unit 8: Right Triangles

Quarter 4

Unit 9: Circles

Unit 10: Volume and Surface Area

Unit 11: Probability

Topics, Objectives, Resources

Unit Objectives Vocabulary Resources

Basic Terms and Constructions

  • write your own definitions of many geometry terms and geometric figures

  • start a notebook with a list of all the terms and their definitions

  • discover some basic properties of transformations and symmetry


(Building Blocks of Geometry) definitions, point, line, plane, collinear, coplanar, line segment, ray, endpoints, midpoint, bisects, segment addition


(Finding Angles) angle, measure of an angle, degrees, congruent, sides of an angle, angle addition, angle bisector, outgoing angle, incoming angle, reflex measure if an angle, vertex, protractor


(Creating Definitions) counterexample, classify, differentiate, skew, right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle, vertical angles, complementary, supplementary, linear pair


(Polygons) polygon, side, vertex, diagonal, convex, concave, perimeter


(Triangles) right triangle, scalene triangle, obtuse triangle, acute triangle, vertex angle, base, isosceles triangle, base angles, equilateral triangle


(Special Quadrilaterals) trapezoid, kite, parallelogram, rhombus, rectangle, square


(Circles) circle, radius, center, chord, diameter, tangent, point of tangency, congruent circles, concentric circles, circumscribed, inscribed, arc, endpoints, semicircle, minor arc, major arc, arc measure, central angle


(Space Geometry) space, cylinder, prism, sphere, cone, pyramid, hemisphere, isometric drawing

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Big Ideas: 


Discovering Geometry: 

Reasoning Logic, Writing a Proof





Venn diagram, inductive reasoning, conjecture, mathematical models, triangular numbers, rectangular numbers, vector, vector translation, deductive reasoning, network, composition of transformations, Law of Syllogism, inverse (of a conditional statement), contrapositive, Law of Contrapositive


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Parallel Lines and Angles





transversal, corresponding angles, alternate interior angles, alternate exterior angles, parallel lines Click here for Quizlet






image, transformation, isometry, translation, translation vector, rotation, line of reflection, reflection, rigid transformation, nonrigid transformation


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sketch, draw, construct, segment bisector, median, perpendicular bisector, coincide, equidistant, midsegment, altitude, auxiliary line, paragraph proof, legs, vertex angle, base angles, biconditional, base, centroid, exterior angle, adjacent interior angle, remote interior angle, included angle, included side, flowchart, flowchart proof, lemma Click here for Quizlet

Polygons and Special Quadrilaterals


kite, vertex angles (of a kite), nonvertex angles (of a kite), trapezoid, bases (of a trapezoid), base angles (of a trapezoid), isosceles trapezoid, dart, midsegment

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ratio, proportion, enlargement, reduction, similar, similar polygons, dilation, scale factor, indirect measurement, golden cut, golden rectangle, golden spiral

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Right Triangles


Right Triangles

hypotenuse, leg (of a right triangle), Pythagorean Theorem, dissection, theorem, Pythagorean Triple, work, distance



trigonometry, adjacent leg (of an acute angle in a right triangle), opposite leg (of an acute angle in a right triangle), tangent (of an acute angle in a right triangle), sine (of an acute angle in a right triangle), cosine (of an acute angle in a right triangle), inverse cosine, sine or tangent (of an acute angle in a right triangle), angle of elevation, angle of depression, clinometer, Law of Sines, Law of Cosines, bearing

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Click here for Quizlet (Trigonometry)



  tangent segment, tangent circles, internally tangent circles, externally tangent circles, intercepted arc, inscribed angle, cyclic quadrilateral, secant, circumference, radian measure, arc length, angular velocity (of an object moving around a circle), tangential velocity Click here for Quizlet
Volume and Surface Area  

Surface Area:

area, base (of a polygon), altitude (of a parallelogram), height, apothem (of a regular polygon) sector of a circle, segment of a circle, annulus, surface area, base (of a solid), lateral face, slant height, frustrum (of a cone or pyramid)



polyhedron, face, edge, vertex (of a polyhedron) tetrahedron, pentahedron, hexahedron, heptahedron, octahedron, decahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron, regular polyhedron, prism, pyramid, cylinder, cone, lateral face, lateral edge, altitude (of a prism or cylinder), altitude (of a pyramid or cone), axis (of a cone or cylinder), right (prism, cylinder, or cone), oblique (prism, cylinder, or cone), sphere, center (of a sphere), hemisphere, great circle, volume, displacement, density, Cavalieri's Principle

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  • create and interpret relative frequency graphs

  • learn about randomness and the definition of probability

  • learn methods of calculating probabilities

  • count numbers of possibilities to help determine probabilities

  • determine the expected value of a random event

relative frequency graphs, probability, outcome, event, trials, experimental probability, theoretical probability, random, tree diagram, counting principle, permutations, combinations, independent, dependent, multiplication rule, expected value

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Geometry Locker
8/13/14 3:38 PM

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