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Deadline for Counselor Letters of Recommendation!
Posted 11/6/18

Dear Seniors,

As the deadlines for college applications approach, the counselors are eager to help you with any questions you may have. You do need to take charge of this process though and learn if your colleges do or do not require counselor letters of recommendation. 

If the colleges you are applying to require or recommend a letter of recommendation (CSUs do not accept letters of recommendation, and only UC Berkeley sometimes requests letters of recommendation) from a counselor, the deadline for you to ask your school counselor or college and career adviser is December 10th, 2018. This deadline means that you've spoken to or emailed who you are asking for a letter of recommendation and have given them a brag sheet. It is inappropriate to ask for a letter of recommendation if you do not know where you are applying to, you need to have made that decision before asking for a letter of recommendation. And last but not least, counselors only take letter of recommendation requests from students, not from parents.