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Important College Application Reminders
Posted 12/18/18

College Portals

For nearly every public four year college your student applies to, within 2-3 weeks of submitting their application they will be asked to create a portal account online. It is ESSENTIAL that your student create this online portal. It's very important because it's the ONLY way most colleges will communicate with your student, and their application can get cancelled if information was requested from the student and they did NOT send it. So in addition to creating the portal, students must regularly check the portal. I recommend having a student save the portals as bookmarks all under one folder, and they set aside a regular time every week to check them. If you ask your student if they set up their portal, and they have no idea what you are talking about, then I would suggest opening their email with them and finding those portal set up emails.

(Pro tip- for some CSUs you can't apply for scholarships until you have that student ID number that is included in the portal emails, so once they set up the portals they can look for scholarships as well)

Official transcript requests on Naviance

It is important that a student is aware if they need to request their transcript or not for the colleges they applied to. For both UCs and CSUs (with the exception of the first generation program called EOP), those colleges do not want transcripts when a student applies. But they need to check their portal to see if their midyear transcript is requested in January (this is the case for a low percentage of students). 

For all other colleges, most of them do want official transcripts when a student applies. I told students in class in September that I need 5 business days to process transcript requests. Because there are many private colleges with deadlines of January 1st and 2nd, please encourage your student (as long as they know they are applying to that school) to make those transcripts by Friday, December 21st. Students can request their transcript before they have completed their application.

Official SAT/ACT requests

Students often forget to send their official scores from the CollegeBoard or ACT, because it's a separate step from filling out the application itself. Or some students think that self-reporting their score on their college application is the same as submitting their official score, it is not. Here is a powerpoint explaining how to do it. (Pro tip- If your student applied to more than one CSU send it to the code for Cal State Apply 3594, and if your student applied to more than one UC then sending the scores to one UC will share it with all UCs).