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Grants & Funding

Grants & Funding

The Pleasant Hill Community Foundation Annual Community Grants

PH Community FoundationPurpose:  To fund projects that will benefit cultural, educational and recreational activities for Pleasant Hill residents.

Funder: The Pleasant Hill Community Foundation.

Applicant: Public organizations or groups that meet IRS non-profit status with a current 501(c)(3) number. 

Apply: Visit the PH Community Foundation site.

Foundation for Pleasant Hill Education (FPHE)

FPHEPurpose: To provide teachers and staff with resources to keep Pleasant Hill schools competitive, continue programs at risk of being cut as result of unforeseen budget reductions, and add programs or resources which will enhance current curriculum.   In addition, the following criteria will be considered:  Number of students impacted – whether a large number at one time or an impact over several years; Contribution of support of language arts, math, science, or other key curriculum areas;  Cost of project and ability to get additional resources, if necessary.

Funder: Foundation for Pleasant Hill Education (FPHE)

Applicant: Public schools located in the city of Pleasant Hill.

Apply: Visit the FPHE site.


Purpose: makes it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need. Public school teachers from every corner of America create classroom project requests, and the community can give any amount to the project of their choice.

Funder: Community membersDonorsChoose

Applicant: Teachers

Apply: Visit the DonorsChoose site to sign up or sign in.

CPHS Resources

The College Park PTSA works to enhance the academic and social experience of every student at the school.

Visit the PTSA site to learn how to get involved.

Visit the CPHS Site Council page to learn about meeting dates, to read past meeting minutes, and to learn how to get involved.

8/18/15 3:18 PM
9/3/15 11:38 AM
3/18/15 8:59 AM
9/30/15 11:38 AM
4/26/15 9:49 PM
8/17/15 5:53 PM
3/18/15 8:02 AM
8/17/15 5:53 PM
8/17/15 5:54 PM
4/19/15 2:24 PM
8/18/15 3:17 PM
8/17/15 5:53 PM
8/22/15 8:22 PM
1/23/19 9:24 PM
8/17/15 6:39 PM
8/17/15 5:53 PM
3/6/16 8:41 AM