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General Questions
  • How can I take classes at DVC?
    • If you would like to take community college level courses, please visit the DVC website for high school students.
    • You must first apply to DVC and once you are accepted, you will need to complete the Special Admission Form.  Once completed, that form should be sent to your counselor to sign electronically, then you can enroll in the course.
    • Please speak with your counselor before enrolling in a class at DVC so that they can properly advise students how which classes will count for high school credit.
  • How can I get a work permit?
    • Work permits are available in the main office.
    • Once a student is offered employment, a work permit will need to be completed by the student, parent/guardian, and the student's employer.
    • Once the work permit is signed and completed by all parties, please submit the completed application to Mr. Hurtado ( who will process the applications.
  • How do I register for Driver's Education through the district?
    • MDUSD offers a FREE Drivers Education course.  Please see the attached Drivers Education information below for 2020-2021 school year.  Upon completion of this course students can earn 2.5 elective credits.
    • Many students have been registering for the class without first contacting Driver's Education. First, please send an email to Driver's Education using your MDUSD email account to send the email. Your email needs to include your full name, student ID number, birthdate and the school that you currently attend.   Please type in “Driver’s Ed” in the subject line of the email.  
    • Please  download the instructions. The document is 2 pages and is in English and Spanish. The only students eligible for this course are students currently enrolled in an MDUSD school/program. 
  • Why does my HomeLink display other classes that I am not enrolled in anymore?  
    • Your HomeLink account might still show previous classes that you were registered for if a teacher has not dropped you from their gradebook yet.
  • When can I exchange/return my textbooks?
    • Please email Ms. Henriquez and she can assist you with dropping off/picking up books.
  • What do I do if I failed a class and need to make it up?
    • You can enroll in summer school to make up either 1 semester or 2 semesters of a class.  For example: 1 semester of Biology and 1 semester of Algebra I.  Or both semesters of the same class.
    • You can enroll in Apex which is an online credit recovery program and it can only be taken during 0 and 6th period.
  • How do I sign up for Apex?
    • Your counselor will sign you up.  If you have not already spoken with your counselor about this, please email your counselor.  Apex classes begin the first few weeks after school begins.
Tech Questions
  • What do I do if I do not have a laptop or if my school-issued Chromebook does not work?
    •  Please call the main office (925-672-7670) to pick up a Chromebook.
  • How can I reset my HomeLink password?
    • Please call the main office (925-672-7670).
  • How can I reset my .net email password?
  • Where is the code to access my Google classroom?
    • Access codes are posted on HomeLink on your profile with the list of your classes.
For Seniors
  • I need a transcript sent to a university that I am applying to, how do I request that?
    • Please request your transcript through Naviance.  Do not email your Counselor or the Registrar to request one.  
    • Naviance is being monitored by our College and Career Advisor, Mr. Walters, who sends out transcripts on a weekly basis. 
  • How do I send a copy of my transcripts to the NCAA?
    • Please email Mr. Walters ( to request that he send your transcripts.
  • How do I get into Naviance?  My password doesn’t work.
    • Access Naviance through and use your .net MDUSD account. You won’t be able to access Naviance directly through their website. 
  • I need a COUNSELOR letter of recommendation, what do I do?
    • Please log into Naviance to complete your brag sheet.   Be sure to request a letter of recommendation well ahead of its due date (minimum of 3 weeks).  Late or last minute requests cannot be honored. Counselor letter of recommendation CANNOT be requested on Naviance, please email your counselor directly. 
  • I need a TEACHER letter of recommendation, what do I do?
    • Reach out to the teacher(s) directly, via email or phone.  After your teacher agrees to write your letter, complete the teacher recommendation letter request in Naviance. Be sure to complete your brag sheet and to give your teacher three weeks notice before the due date.