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School Site Council

What is Site Council?

SSC MeetingThe School Site Council (SSC) of College Park is tasked with specific duties and is comprised of specific members as identified in its bylaws

The first and foremost duty of the SSC is to Develop and Approve the Single Plan for Student Achievement' also known as the SPSA.

2020-2021 Members

Kevin Honey - Principal

Dylan Bland - Teacher

Christopher Ellenwood - Teacher

Suzanne Hatch - Teacher

Jorge Jimenez - Teacher

Cheri Cheng - Staff

Denise Schichnes - Parent

Paul Turner - Parent

Lynn Valdez - Parent

Sam Benabou - Student

Diego Karlin - Student

Atira O'Neil - Student

Mark Your Calendar - Site Council Meetings for 2020-21

School Site Council meetings, which are open to the public, take place monthly (on Wednesdays) from 3:00–4:00 PM. Unless otherwise noted on the agenda, meetings are held via Zoom or in S-5.

Upcoming Meetings