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Staff Discussion Groups

Brainstorming on "Staff Discussion"


The positive culture group is exploring ways for staff to communicate effectively and efficiently. The goal is to create a method so that every person is comfortable sharing and discussing ideas. Although the "reply to all" method has been used for discussion in the past, a suggestion has been made that this method does not meet all needs.

A survey will be produced in the next few weeks to gather information as to preferred methods of communication. Among the concerns discussed:

  • Should discussion boards be public or private? What are the pros and cons of each?
  • How easy is it to access the discussion board?
  • Will there be a moderator for the discussion board? How will that work?
  • Can departments choose a different mode of discussion than that used by the teaching staff?
  • How will we determine whether the discussion boards are facilitating communication? In other words, how will we determine if a new method is working?


Public Discussion Groups

Select this link to learn how to use Google Groups.

Private Discussion Groups.

Select this link to read more about how Discussions operate on the School Loop platform. Note that unlike other discussion forums, school loop discussions are limited only to teachers and staff at the school.


Please note that as is true for the majority of businesses, public, and government institutions, any use of school owned computers and servers is subject to Acceptable Use guidelines as determined by MDUSD and can be monitored at any time.


Please stay tuned for a survey to gather input from all teachers regarding communication needs.