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Staff Questions

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Common Questions/Issues


Issue Action

Questions on how to take Attendance using Aeries?

  • Contact Aeries Trainers Margaret O'Connor, Kate Thomas, Jack Ballard


Attendance Errors?

  • Send e-mail to Stacy Boschetti with corrections ASAP (same day preferred)


General Questions?

  • Contact Stacy Boschetti


(Online Assessment Reporting System)

  • Onsite OARS trainers: Jack Ballard, etc.
  • Select this link for MDUSD training videos
  • Contact MDUSD at (also known as ABI and Homelink)

Trouble logging in to Aeries?

  1. Contact VP to determine if access has been granted
  2. Contact MDUSD at x 4105 for help

Questions about switching to new Aeries?

  • Margaret O'Connor
  • Kate Thomas
  • Jack Ballard


Questions about setting up grades with Aeries?

  • Margaret O'Connor
  • Kate Thomas
  • Jack Ballard
  • Kathleen Strange
Classroom Keys

Contact Cheri Cheng in SSN by e-mail or phone xxxxx

Student Bulletin Contact Maggie Bowker in SSN  by e-mail or phone xxxxx
Submitting Student Letter of Recommendation

Sheila Welsh

Kelsey Barker

Requesting a Substitute
  • Use Smart Find Express - See how to instructions in Staff Portal Locker
  • Contact Gabi for clarifications or help.
Inquire if facilities are available Contact Cheri Cheng in SSN.
Independent Study Contracts

Independent Study Contract is a legal document submitted to the state of CA.

Contact Stacy Boschetti for information.