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Treasurer's Office



Name: Hasmig Gregorian

Phone: (925) 682-7670, Ext. 3217



22-23 student parking permits are $25. 

Please purchase your permit through Rydin.  

Then bring your Driver's License, Proof of Insurance, and Student ID Card to pick up the regular tag from the Treasurer's Window during brunch or lunch on school days.

Sophomores can purchase a parking permit,  solely based on availability, as of  November 1.



Purchases can be made through the District's Community Webstore (Click Here to be redirected). There will be 2 options for College Park High School, please note below for more details on how to reach the item you are looking to purchase. You must create an account and be logged in to access certain items, so please read further down for the particular nuances to creating a webstore account.

Select "College Park High School" from the District's Community Webstore to purchase:

  • PE clothes
  • Yearbook
  • ASB Membership

Select "College Park High School STUDENT BODY" from the District's Community Webstore to purchase:

  • National Honor Society Membership - 11/30/22 deadline

Donations for academic departments can be made through the above link for the Webstore.

To use the College Park High School Webstore for purchasing the above items, students need to create a webstore account using their district email address. When creating a student account, make sure to select "Yes" when the system asks if you're a student on the "Create Account" page. Parents can create accounts for themselves, if they prefer, but need to link a student through the "Family" option, once they're logged in. These items need to be linked to individual students so that they can pick-up their purchased items at a later date. Receipts can be printed after completion of purchase, or from the "Orders" option of the account used for the purchase.

To create an account for the College Park High School Webstore, it is necessary that you do it from a computer as you will receive a validation email with a link that has to be entered into the same browser where the account was created. Please contact the Treasurer if you would like assistance with this process.

Anyone that has used the College Park High School Webstore previously will need to re-create their account (can use the same email address as before).

Contact the Treasurer if you need further assistance.


Transcripts for current students (and for recent graduates through the end of September of the graduated year) are free through the CPHS Registrar's office. Please email her at with the same list of information as in "Other Alumni", except for the confirmation of payment, as you do not need to pay for yours.

All Other Alumni must purchase their transcripts through our District's Community Webstore. After you complete your purchase, you will receive an email from “Notices” confirming your payment. Please forward that email, along with the following, to the CPHS Treasurer at
- copy of your Photo ID
- Name on Diploma
- Graduation Year
- Phone Number
- Type: Official or Regular
- Date of Birth
- Delivery Method (Home OR College/Institution OR Pick up @ CPHS)
- Mail to: Street Address, City, State, Zip

Please allow 3-5 business days, from the time all your information is received by the Treasurer's Office, for your Transcript request to be processed.


For spirit wear, supporting PTSA, supporting Boosters... please visit the College Park Webstores Page for a list of the webstore links for each of the organizations.